Magnetic Driving Pump

Product overview

Magnetic driving pump is made of high quality materials, and is combined with the unique design and advanced production technology. Its products are specially designed for handling pumping occasions with toxic, corrosive, flammable and combustible liquid in petrochemical, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical and other industries. It can significantly improve the work efficiency and safety of production facilities, reduce the maintenance cost, reduce pollution and benefit the environment and mankind. Magnetic driving pump for its excellent performance, is popular with many international and domestic larger companies.

Application fields

Magnetic driving pump is mainly involved with petroleum industry, heavy chemical industry, dyeing industry, pharmaceutical industry and other corrosion and toxic occasion, is an ideal equipment for conveying inflammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, rare and precious as well as various corrosive mediums, fully adapts to the upgrade of equipment taking energy saving and pollution reduction as the center in the petroleum, chemical industry and other industries and is an ideal pump for creating civilized workshop and civilized factory without leakage and pollution.