MGO Board

Magnesium Oxide Board


  • MgO, MgCl2, Perlite, Fiberglass, Chip compounded
  • Fire Resistant:
    Refractory time up to 4 hours 100% Resistant to Fire Damage
  • Noise Resistant:
    Acoustic Decibel Rating over 50Db.
    Sound insulation to RW 61 plus Ctr=Net Rw52
  • Termite proof
    Of no interest to white ants and pests
  • Health
    Totally non-toxic,chemical free
    Helps protect from mould and bacteria
  • Moisture Resistant
    Does not warp or swell
    Does not degrade in most areas Available in water resistant,HD T&G

Magnesium Oxide Board Technical Data

Density (Specific Mass)1000 Kg/m3 (+/-< 2%)
Compressive Strength20 MPa (3,000 PSI)
Impact Resistance>6 KJ/m2
Tensile Strength>5.5 MPa
Moisture Absorption26% maximum saturation (slow absorption rate)
Moisture Content6%
Water Vapour Diffusion28 / 35
Specific Heat930 J/KgK
Thermal Conductivity0.44 W/mK
Modulus of elasticity6045 N/mm2
Flexibility UNI E 1237220.1 N/mm2 maximum 12mm x 1220 x2440=10 N/mm2
Surface Alkalinity10 Ph
Thermal Expansion Hot/Cold0.01 mm/mC (from temp +20°C to -20°C)

Size of MGO Board

Thickness (mm)Board Size (mm)Approx Weight(Kg)EdgeUsage
31220×244011SquareSIP Skins / Custom projects
41220×244014SquareSIP Skins / Custom projects
4.51220×244016SquareSIP Skins / Custom projects
51220×244017SquareInternal Walls / Ceilings/SIP Skins
61220×244018Square/FeatherInternal Walls / Ceilings
81220×244024Square/FeatherInternal Walls/Decorative board substrate
93000×90028ChamferFire Rated Easy joint external walls
101220×244030Square / TaperFire Rated Walls / Ceilings / Soffits
121220×244036Square / TaperFire Rated Walls / Ceilings / Soffits
141220×244042Square / TaperFire Rated Walls / Ceilings / Soffits
151220×244045Square / TaperFire Rated Walls / Floors / Fences/Decks
181220×244054Square / TaperFire Rated Walls / Floors / Fences/Decks
202400×90045Square / T&GFire Rated Walls / Floors / Fences/Decks
  • MGO board thickness: 3-25 mm;
  • Width: 600 mm, 1100 mm, 1220 mm;
  • Length: 1100 mm, 2100 mm, 2440 mm, 2600 mm, 2700 mm, 2800 mm, 2900 mm, 3000 mm;
  • Color: White, Grey, Red, blue etc.
  • Other colors and size can be designed by clients’ requirements