Full  function regulating valve

High Performance Eccentric Control Valves

  • Performance of various Control Valves ( : good, : average, ×: bad )

Remarks: Full function regulating valve is the only one achieve Good performance in 9 functions.

High reliability, full function, it can replace most traditional control valves, suitable for 70% of working conditions.
It simplifies calculation, valve selection, installation, maintenance, and spare parts management.

  • Advantages of Full function regulating valve


  • Regulating function
  1. Flow characteristics: Approximate Equal Percentage and Fast Open.
  2. adjustable ratio R=100,200,300; nice small opening performance;
  3. flow coefficient; big CV / KV which is 2 to 3 times that of single and double seat valve and sleeve valve.
  • Cut-off function

Standard leakage rate is 10, which is 100 to 1000 times higher than that of single and double seat valves and sleeve valves.

  • Cut-off differential pressure

High cut-off pressure difference (up to PN value)with low leakage.
(Double seat valve allows high differential pressure, but high leakage;
Single-seat valve leakage is low, but the allowable differential pressure is low)

  • Strong corrosion resistance

Using corrosion-resistant materials, it has good corrosion resistance (corrosion, erosion, cavitation)

  • Anti-blocking function

Simple flow path with less dead zone vortex, the medium is not easy to settle, and the self-cleaning function is suitable for unclean media such as high viscosity, suspension, paper pulp, thick pulp, and particles.

  • Compressive strength

The single-piece integrated forged structure improves the compressive strength of the valve body, and it can reach more than 32MPa.

  • Temperature resistance

The elastic hard-sealing solves the failure of the valve core and seat caused by expansion at high temperature.
High temperature wear-resistant filler is used to ensure the reliability of the valve stem sealing under high temperature.

  • Good appearance and light weight

Small, light and instrumented.
Integrated valve body structure, small size.
Simple and reliable direct connection to the actuator.
Compared with single seat valve, double seat valve and sleeve valve, its weight is reduced by 60-80%, and 40-60% lighter than CV3000.
e.g.DN100, it only weighs 40Kg, 73% lighter than the 150Kg sleeve valve.


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