Super Universal Valve

Based on “Full function regulating valve”, Our “Super Universal Valve” series challenge various complex and extreme operating conditions.

  • High adjustable Ratio 1000:1, Metrology-grade
  • High differential pressure: cut-off PD could be up to PN (for ≤ DN300)
  • Wide Temperature range: -200~700°C
  • Small flow resistance, good anti-blocking performance
  • Strong erosion and cavitation resistance (inner layer with tungsten carbide welded)
  • Eccentric structure, small wear on sealing surface, long life
  • High reliability and high security

Zero Outer leakage Universal valve

Used in petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, nuclear energy and other production processes where external leakage is prohibited and high control accuracy is required. Especially suitable for fast neutron reactors.

  • Fully enclosed structure, no transmission stem, no Outer leakage point.
  • Magnetic drive Spool
  • Pressure self-sealing structure, Inner leakage grade IV (up to grade VI)
  • Cut off differential pressure could be up to PN.
  • PN: 0.6 ~ 6.4 Mpa.
  • High adjustable Ratio 1000:1, Metrology-grade
  • Wide Temperature range: -10℃ ~ 500℃
  • Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic
  • Applicable media: Dangerous media strictly prohibited from outer leakage

Three-way Super Universal Valve


Applicable for both convergence/inter flow and Diversion/split flow

High adjustable Ratio 300:1, 

High differential pressure control

Good anti-blocking performance

Strong erosion and cavitation resistance

Strict outer leakage control

Special universal valve for Marine dual-fuel Engines

In addition to the advantages of Super universal Valve,
we developed special model for
Marine dual-fuel Engines.


High adjustable Ratio 1000:1

Equal percentage flow characteristic

High control precision

High sensitivity

Fast adjustment

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