Diaphragm metering pump/
Diaphragm dosing pump

Flow: 4.2L/H-75L/H
Pressure: 6kg/cm²-10kg/cm²
Material: PP, PVC, PPS, LCP
Power supply: electricity
Single-phase 110V, 220V capacitor start motor;
Three-phase 220V, 380V induction motor
Control: Manual adjustment of the stroke
Operating ambient temperature: -10℃– +45℃
Temperatures of liquid for pump with different materials:
PP 60℃,PVC 45℃,PPS 260℃,LCP 330℃
Electric Power: 40W
Protection level: IP55


It can be applied in a wide range from the general water of normal temperature to some liquid which are strong corrosive, volatile, vrystalized, combustible, and explosive, extremely toxic, foul-smelling, moderately viscous, radioactive and other valuable liquid. Meanwhile, it can also transfer some suspending liquid. In order to prevent the accidents caused by the mix of the media and hydraulic oil, or in terms of some liquid which are combustible, explosive, toxic and valuable, the double diaphragm hydraulic metering pumps with the alarm functions for the repture of diaphragms can be applied.


Petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, environmental protection water treatment, electric power, papermaking, steel, food, etc.