watered oil gathering circuit

hot-water-blending system for oil gathering and transmission

The purpose of “watered oil gathering circuit” is to prevent the oil pipeline from waxing and solidifying, reduce the back pressure of the oil pipeline, and reduce energy consumption. In the past, the liquid temperature was controlled manually, and the liquid temperature and adjustment speed were determined by the operator’s experience. The lag is very serious for long distance. In order to prevent the freezing accident of the oil pipeline, the hot water can only be increased. The energy consumption and water consumption are much higher than the actual needs.

In order to overcome the shortage of manual operation and manual metering, we developed a whole-process automatic control system to realize remote automatic metering and precise water blending.

Smart water injection system

Automatic Water Injection device

The system integrates control, measurement and execution;

Zero leakage guaranteed when closed at high differential pressure or low differential pressure;

Artificial intelligence algorithm, tracking the target flow and automatic adjustment, with self-learning function, making the adjustment process closer to the ideal curve;

Built-in large-capacity battery, which can realize control and data acquisition even in the event of a power outage

The high-pressure clamp connection is adopted to ensure that there is no leakage under high pressure, easy disassembly and assembly

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